smart transport powered by intelligence

envio is an intelligent platform designed to propel smart transport in Nigeria.Our wealth of experience in location base service, logistics and business development gives us the opportunity to create the best solutions to support services in urban transport, safety and rescue.

Our Service

what we can do for you
envío is igniting the transport ecosystem in Nigeria. With a growing potential for hundreds of vehicles on our fleet monthly, we are anxious about changing the transport experience in more cities in Nigeria.

Urban Taxi Service

Safe transport is a click away from you
envío passenger app makes it seamless for more people to connect with partners in their vicinity in safety at a bargained cost. Constantly we are integrating more taxi operators in different cities unto our ecosystem to give passengers a wide range of options for the best experience. While we work hard to champion a new taxi experience, we are also making sure that you enjoy the same prestige in more cities in Nigeria.


I have a car, can i drive on envio part-time?
We are excited to share with you a genuine way you can add an extra income to contribute to satisfy the demand on your daily needs. Taxi business in Nigeria is very lucrative but it takes resilience and the best ecosystem to succeed at it. At envio we have built an ecosystem that rewards any effort made to support Safe transport in Nigeria. We have design our business model to encourage the “side hustle lifestyle “even for people who have their own cars and have to contend with regular “8-5” kind of job.    We have deliberately eliminated the outrageous percentages alternative taxi apps charge drivers per trip to a mere N1,000 per day thereby allowing people who work for just 2 hours daily make N3,000 at rush hours.  We clearly understand the challenges associated with taxi business and and as such created an ecosystem that rewards drivers for their efforts while guaranteeing the low taxi rates for passengers.


I have a car, but I don't have the time.
We also have accommodated the interest of those who have cars but yet don’t have the time to provide the taxi service themselves. We recommend the envio taxi management service. The envio professional taxi management service allows us manage the lease of your vehicle with interested drivers while sure to collect the N30,000 (inclusive of our 10% management fee) weekly rental for your vehicle. We recommend low fuel efficient cars from these manufactures; Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Peugeot in the best working condition.   Checkout our taxi management service offer

I can drive but don't have a car

In addition to that, we are excited to meet with young men and ladies who have a passion for driving and are resident in the cities where we operate. Interested candidates must have a valid driver’s license and must have good knowledge of the road network in the chosen city. It’s important that candidates must have an android phone compatible with our mobile app. Interested candidates could earn as much as N80,000 monthly after remitting rental fees and all other operational cost. Other very important considerations for qualification includes;
  • Good communication skills.
  • Good sense of dressing.
  • Qualified guarantors.
  • Evidence of personal tax registration

What makes us different

Satellite Tracking Technology
CoTrac in the last 14 years has created a strong foundation for a reliable vehicle tracking servcie gives us a professional qualification to guarantee 24/7 monitoring of all vehicular assets on our fleet.
Professional Maintenance Frame Work
We understand the importance of a good maintenance culture for vehicles used as taxi. Our ecosystem has accredited auto mechanics and original vehicle spare part suppliers for an effective management.
Robust Ecosystem
We are constantly looking out for new ways to create an ecosystem that has a healthy value chain for all stakeholders. We believe the values of a shared economy.