endless possibilities

envio uses the efficiency of satellite technology and artificial intelligence to change the experience in public transportation, vehicle sharing and enterprise fleet support in Nigeria.

Superior technology

Offer superior technology to support investors in the public transport and logistics sector.

Better welfare for drivers

Improve support to drivers offering services in the public transport and logistics sector.

New experience

Create a new experience for people who depend on the public transport system.

Taxi Management Investing in the public transport sector?
Sign up for the hybrid satellite tracking billing device from envio FREE OF CHARGE.

The Garage Get verified as a driver and start renting cars from people listing their vehicles in your city.

Enterprise Support

We are supporting
service providers in the transport and logistics sector with the right technology with a flexible repayment option.

elite plan

The elite plan
is designed to provide emergency, technical & mechanical support and FREE Life Insurance valued at N500,00 to the vehicle owner.

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