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Safe mobility

one city a time
One city at a time.

We are the future of public transport in Nigeria.

We are inspiring a shared economy where individuals or groups can sponsor the purchase of cars on hire purchase for young people with driving skills to help others get to their destination safely while government earns commissions and tax income to improve the infrastructure of the state.

You will earn as much as N90,000 monthly.

Sign up your car as a taxi.

We offer professional taxi management service that allows us to manage peoples cars as taxi. Sign up your car under our management service and start earning extra income monthly.

Do you have a valid driver's license?

Make extra cash as a driver.

Young people with driving skills can join our volunteer program in their city as drivers to help more people get to their destination safely. Find out how to qualify for hire purchase deal.

earn monthly for 12 months.

You can co-invest to own a taxi by sponsoring as little as N100,000

Our co-invest programme is designed to aggregate sponsorship for the purchase of vehicles that will be used to influence the public transport system in more cities in Nigeria. Sponsored vehicles will be offered to qualified drivers (on hire purchase) who are willing to use these vehicles to help more people get to their destination safely.

Let us work together

Shared mobility is the future of public transportation in Nigeria.
Share your mobility needs with us and we would transform it into an enterprise.

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