[tbay_title_heading title=”Premium Taxi Support” style=”style3″ subtitle=”Make more from your taxi business.”]

Sign up for a FREE envioBOx; a satellite tracking billing device that seamlessly processes rental payments from your driver, manage mechanical and technical support to your drivers and theft and recovery services.

What service comes with the envioBOx

  1. Real-time tracking information of the activities of the vehicle.
  2. Process weekly rental payments from the driver seamlessly on your behalf via the envio billing gateway.
  3. Get notifications when the vehicle engine is stressed.
  4. Our 24/7 telephone support center connects drivers with mechanical and technical challenges to verified mechanics and technicians in the city for assistance.
  5. Monitor to ensure drivers visit the various registered support centers for monthly inspection, mechanical and technical maintenance services.
  6. Get notified when drivers drive out of the city unauthorized.
  7. Access to useful analytical reports like; Over speed report, idling report, mileage report, and historical playback on the movement of the vehicle in the last 120 days.
  8. Provide vehicle recovery services from defaulting drivers. (Paid service)

Other information you need to know;

  1. We don’t charge you for the envioBOx.
  2. envio partners with professional installers who charge N5,000 as an installation fee to install the envioBOx per vehicle.
  3. envio charges 15% as management commission on each rental fees processed by envio.
  4. This package is perfect for vehicle owners who already have their drivers. However, envio can connect you with verified drivers for a fee.