About Us

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About us

We are inspiring a new experience in vehicle sharing, enterprise support, and public transport management in Nigeria using the efficiency of our indigenous fleet management operating system software which utilizes satellite technology and artificial intelligence to manage the realtime activities of vehicles and likewise process rental payments from drivers leasing vehicles from the envio platform.

What we have.

The envio platform is powered by an indigenous fleet management software technology that positions Envio as a software as a service company ( SaaS) for public transport management, vehicle sharing, and enterprise support.

Features of the Envio technology platform includes;

1. Realtime tracking information of every vehicle on the fleet.

2. Maintenance notifications.

3. Billing gateway to process rental payments and automatically demobilize engineĀ  of vehicles whose drivers haven’t made rental payments.

4. Generate useful analytical reports of historical operational activities of vehicles on the fleet. These reports are useful for fleet managers who signed up for our enterprise support plan.

5. Access to the support network of professional mechanics and technicians in case of roadside assistance or routine maintenance and repair services.

6. envio also runs an online rental market place called the garage that allows vehicle owners to list their cars to connect with verified drivers taking up vehicles on rent.

Our services.

  • Vehicle sharing. We are glad that vehicle owners can now list their cars when it’s not in active use to verified drivers in their city on rent while they earn extra money every week or month. More>>
  • Public transport management. Investing in public transportation is now easier and more rewarding for investors. Our welfare model allows drivers to be entitled to LIFE Insurance in case of an accident with permanent deformity or death. More >>
  • Enterprise support. We are supporting small businesses with the right fleet management technology to optimize their business and grow profit. This service comes at no initial deposit while the balance gets paid over a period of 60days.

Sylvester Chude CEO/ Co-Founder.

Sylvester co-founded Nigeri'a foremost tracking company CoTrac Satellite Systems Limited and currently drives the business growth at envio.

    Comfort Ute-Ushede COO/ Co-Founder.

    Comfort was a former Customer relations manager at CoTrac Satellite Systems and she currently runs the operations at envio.

      Meka Akerejola Co- Founder.

      Meka was a strong pilar of support to the growth of envio.He was an expert in strategy and planning. God rest is soul Amen.