All you need to know about the associate programme.

The envío associate program is our partnership with the community to offer technological support to investors offering their cars to be used for public transportation in Nigeria.

Our technology support is powered by the envioBOx; a hybrid satellite tracking technology that optimizes maintenance routines and seamlessly processes rental payments from the drivers.

Key 5 notes you need to know. 

  1. It’s free to register to be an associate 
  2. Your primary role is to introduce the FREE envioBOx to people whose vehicles are used for public transportation in your city. 
  3. Vehicles you refer will be offered on rent to verified drivers to be used for public transportation.
  4. As an associate, you will earn 1% of each rental fee paid by the drivers as royalty for your referral. 
  5. Your weekly royalty earnings can be tracked via your dashboard on our website. 

Join us as we change the public transport experience in your city. or call 08122281970 

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