All you need to know about the envioBOx.

Investing in the public transportation sector without technology is likely to fail. 

Technology for public transportation is quite expensive and that is why we are offering the envíoBOx device for FREE to investors in the public transport sector. 

The envioBOx is a hybrid tracking device that optimizes maintenance routines and electronically processes rental payments from drivers renting cars for public transportation.

Data generated from the envioBOx device installed in each vehicle synchronized with the envío fleet management operating system “Douglas” optimizes the entire fleet operations while generating real-time information and use analytics of the vehicle used for public transportation.

The envioBOx for public transportation comes with the following features and services to the investor;

  1. Real-time location of the vehicles used for public transportation.
  2. Monitor speed limits and the option to charge drivers for excessive speeding. 
  3. Rental payment processing from drivers electronically. Drivers are expected to make payments on their dashboard using their debit cards. If they fail to make payments on the expected date, the system( Douglas) detects it and automatically disables the engine of the vehicle until payment is received. As soon as the payment is received, the vehicle owner will get an automated payment receipt and within 48hours the money gets credited to the investors’ account. 
  4. The envioBOx allows investors to know each time the driver visits the support center for monthly inspections and routine monthly maintenance services.
  5. The envioBOx sends signals to the fleet management operating system (Douglas) each time the engine of the vehicle is stressed and automatically warns the driver to take a rest or in a few minutes, the operating system will set the vehicle engine into sleep mode.

The envioBOx technology is intelligent to also help fleet managers have access to analytical data of each vehicle in history and the ability to predict driver’s behavioural changes.

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