Associates Marketing Executives

Associates Marketing Executives.

envio is a fleet management software company (SaaS) providing end to end solutions for public transportation management, vehicle leasing financing and fleet analytics using the efficiency of satellite technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to inspire new enterprises in Nigeria.


We are searching for talented Associates Marketing Executives willing to work remotely to help scale our affiliate program through creative thinking and a focus on proven affiliate strategies. This position will report to the Head of Associates and will focus on growing the platform. The successful candidate must have specific knowledge and experience working in the affiliate marketing industry and an active social media lifestyle.

Successful applicants will help us to achieve these missions in your state;


  • Change the experience in public transportation by helping investors manage their vehicles without rental payment challenges, better welfare for drivers, and a complimentary life insurance cover valued at N500,000 and a safer transit for passengers.
  • Allow vehicle owners to rent out their vehicles to verified drivers or companies for private use, office use, or for UBER & Bolt business in your city.
  • Provide enterprise support to small businesses in the transport & logistics sector in your city by offering them the opportunity to track their vehicles at no initial capital while the balance gets paid back in 60 days.


Job Description

  • Promote envio on your social media platforms to attract people who have vehicles to sign up on rent to verified drivers and make extra money every week.
  • Introduce the envio public transport management service to investors whose vehicles are used for public transportation or investors who intend to buy taxis, tricycles, or buses that can be used for public transportation in River State.
  • Register companies who need to rent vehicles to compliments their operations rather than buying new vehicles.
  • Introduce our flexible repayment service for delivery service providers, transport companies who need a professional satellite fleet management technology while they pay back in 60days.


  • Experience in the use of social media.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in one-on-one settings or in groups and teams.
  • Good listening, observation, and learning skills.
  • Purpose and results-driven with an ability to accomplish tasks on deadlines.
  • Demonstrated proficiency with numbers and data.
  • Able to work collaboratively across teams.
  • BA/BS Degree in Marketing or relevant field preferred.


  • Great culture (we’re a tight team)
  • A Utility allowance + Bonuses
  • A fun team environment with frequent outings and retreats
  • Life Insurance cover valued at N500,000 from Zenith Insurance.



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