Sign up as a delivery partner
and earn as much as N5,000 daily.

Sign up as a delivery partner with your vehicle and start helping more people deliver their groceries from a big supermarket chain in Abuja.

What you need to know.

You need to use a vehicle for this service.

  • Deliveries are done every hour to designated places in Abuja.
  • You will need a smartphone for easy navigation to your delivery locations.
  • You are FREE to offer the delivery service anytime any day.
  • Your vehicle needs to be tracked with envio to be validated for this service.
  • You can make up to N3,000 every hour.
    Payments are made to you 24 hours after the delivery is completed.
    envio charges 20% of every delivery fee assigned to you.

Fill the form below to sign up and from the 5th of May, we would start the selection process.

This slot is open to only 100 vehicles in the 1st phase.