Get verified and rent a car for UBER or BOLT services.

Do you need a car to rent for UBER or BOLT taxi services in your city? Envoi allows you choose from a wide range of vehicles listed for rent in each city while you pay low rental fees per week.

All vehicles are compressively insured.
We offer 24/7 telephone support in case of car theft or vehicle breakdown.
Our partner mechanics and technicians are on standby to offer you premium support.
We offer our drivers a life insurance cover of N500,000.

Please note that only drivers with original drivers license and and verified guarantors can be eligible.

Getting verified takes the following steps;

Complete the form and download the guarantor form.
Print 2 copies of the guarantor form, get the guarantors to get it filled and attach the passport of the guarantors, their Identity cards (driver’s license, international passport or national ID card).

You will need to do a drive test to confirm that you are fit to drive.
As soon as your guarantors gets verified, you will get a user access to choose from vehicles listed on the garage.