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Fix & Manage

As part of our vision for safety in the public transport system, envio offers the opportunity for vehicle investors to get their cars refurbished and offered to be used as taxi to help more people get to their destination safe in more cities in Nigeria.

Do you have a Toyota Corolla manufactured between 2005 – 2008?

Is the vehicle parked or currently used on any taxi app platform in Nigeria?

Do you want us to refurbish your vehicle, recruit a verified driver to operate your vehicle as taxi?

Are you interested in signing up the vehicle unto the envio fleet under a hire purchase plan?

Fill the form below and our technicians will contact you for inspection and a complete refurbish assessment.

What makes up the refurbish service?


  • Change of tires.
  • Service of the air-conditioning system.
  • Overhaul of the suspension systems.
  • Vehicle accessories.
  • Satellite tracking service.


  • What is the plate number of the car you would want to sign up for the fix & manage programme.
  • What is the chassis number of your vehicle?
  • Which city will you prefer to use the vehicle for taxi.
  • Kindly take a clear photograph of all sides of the vehicle.
    Drop files here or
  • What are your fix needs?

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