How the garage works.

Like a conventional garage, envío runs an online garage where investors in different citie list their vehicles on rent or hire purchase and ready to connect with verified drivers in their city.

These are the Important things you need to know about the garage;

  1. Only inspected cars are listed in the garage.
  2. All vehicles listed on the garage are comprehensively insured.
  3. All vehicles are fitted with the envioBOx.
  4. Each vehicle listed requires a security deposit. Vehicles on short term rentals have a refundable deposit while the vehicles on hire purchase have a non-refundable deposit. The security deposit for vehicles on hire purchase make up the value of the entire vehicle.
  5. Only verified drivers can have login access to make a booking on the garage. A driver can only be termed verified after the guarantors are confirmed. 
  6. To reserve a vehicle on a garage, a verified driver can check for any car that meets their needs. Pay the security deposit online and within 48hours, you will be invited for the key exchange at any of our activation centers in your city.
  7. Billing starts counting 24 hours after the key exchange. 

If you need a verified driver for your business, we have professional sourcing companies that can help out for a fee. 

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