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We are giving out 20% equity to get to the next level.

About envio.

We are a team of young people passionate about shared mobility and the future of public transportation. We are committed to using the wealth of our experience and fleet management software operating system to help State Governments setup, attract private sector funding to make public transportation safer and accessible in many cities in Nigeria.

At envio, we believe in the power of crowd funding participation to help make our vision a reality. With your funding support, we are confident that we can achieve the following objectives;

  • Attract and manage private sector funding to help increase the availability of roadworthy vehicles fitted with satellite tracking devices to be used for public transportation in different cities in Nigeria.
  • Create employment for verified drivers to earn a living helping more people get to their destination safely.
  • Make public transportation more accessible and safer for more people to get to their destination safely.
  • Generate internal revenue for different state Governments in Nigeria.

 The Problem.

Public transportation accounts for the highest mobility traffic in Nigeria.In the past, Government intervention failed which has made it very difficult to meet the growing demand for a safe and accessible transport system in Nigeria.

The Solution.

envio uses the wealth of a local innovation fleet management software that uses the efficiency of satellite tracking and artificial intelligence to do the following;

  • Monitor the real-time location of each vehicle on the fleet.
  • Generate analytics that sends maintenance prompts to fleet managers and likewise predict threats that could increase the wear and tear of the vehicle.
  • Manage rental payment processing for vehicles on the envio platform.

The envio billing technology is a unique innovation that seamlessly handles rental payment processing from the driver every week via a dedicated web link.
With the billing technology, if the driver fails to make payments via the dedicated web link, the tracking system locates the vehicle and disables the engine until payment is processed via the dedicated link.

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Our Traction so far.

In 2019, during the technology trials for the envio fleet management operating system, the system has processed rental payments of $85,282 in total with an average reoccurring monthly revenue of $10,130 for vehicles used on taxi hailing platforms like Uber and Bolt in Lagos and Abuja.

Our Business Model.

envio charges a 10% management fee monthly from rental fees processed form vehicles activated on the envio platform. The average life span of earnings from each vehicle spans between 18 – 24 months.

Reasons to invest in envio.
  • The public transport system in Nigeria is very huge yet deficient and unorganised. Most State Governments in Nigeria would appreciate our collaboration to help reorganise and attract private sector investment to increase the economic growth of the state.
  • The prowess of our technology innovation for public transport management will attract the prerequisite funding from the private sector to meet our target of 28,326 vehicles in 48 months with a net revenue forecast of N1,780,500,000 (One billion seven hundred and eighty thousand, five hundred thousand).
  • 80% of your investment will be used for fleet acquisition which will be fully insured by Allianz Insurance Plc.
  • Unlike traditional equity investment options, investors earn 20% on their capital per annum with a biannual pay-out with a clear exit  milestone of an acquisition or an IPO within 5 years.
  • Offering Type: Debt equity (Convertible note)  
  • Investment rate: 20% per annum
  • Minimum Investment Amount: N50,000                                                                                           
  • Pay-out: Biannually
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Welcome to envio.
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