Invest in the Mini Taxi service in Lagos.

With the growing demand for a safer transport system in Lagos State, we are introducing the opportunity to invest in the mini taxi service in Lagos State to ease the increased demand for a safer alternative to commuting inner streets in Lagos after the ban on tricycles and motorbikes by the Lagos State.

Vehicle Type: Nissan Micra 2003 model.

Nissan Micra is described as a fuel-efficient and perfectly adapted to city traffic, where its small size makes parking and squeezing through traffic a formality. It is a perfect replacement for Tricyles and Motobikes.

Service Category: The Nissan Micra will be used to commute passengers within estates and inner streets in Lagos.

Investment Details.

Purchase price: N1,000,000

Setup cost: N200,0000 (comprehensive insurance, painting, tracking and billing system, local government fees, union registration fees, vehicle license, and renewals).

Investment repayment

Return on capital: 24%

Monthly payment: N72,000

Repayment tenure: 24 months

Additional information 

  • envío will provide drivers and manage the day to day activities of each vehicle.
  • Investors are not responsible for all cost on repairs and maintenance.
  • Investment earnings commence 30days after I initial deposit.
  • We recommend that all Vehicles listed for this service must pass the envío quality standards.
  • envío can help source the vehicles via our registered network of car dealers.
  • envío allows split investment options, I.e two unknown individuals can co-invest in a vehicle.
  • All monthly earnings are guaranteed.

How to get started.

  1. Fill the form below to request the investment term sheet.
  2. Visit any of our offices listed below to sign off on the agreement and make payments for the vehicle.
  3. Your earnings start after 30 days.

For instant conversation, kindly call or chat with us on WhatsApp 07068404052.