Welcome to envio.

Join a growing team of promoters in your city making public transportation safer and accessible for more people in each city in Nigeria.


We are a team of young people who are powering an online vehicle rental management platform that makes vehicle sharing easier for private, commercial, corporate and event purposes. 

Signing up as a promoter allows you to earn 1% rental royalties for each vehicle you refer to our platform.


Let me break it down for you; 

If you refer an SUV with a rental value of N40,000 per day, it means each time someone rents that car, envío will automatically credit you N400 per day when the vehicle gets rented.

If you refer a Toyota Corrola 2003 model and above; the drivers pay N100,000 per month, it means envío will credit you N1,000 monthly every time the vehicle gets rented. 

In summary, envío rewards you with royalties for the lifetime of each vehicle you refer to us. 


At envío, we believe in the business growth of all our active promoters. 

Signing up as a promoter automatically entitles you to FREE promotional ads of your business on our radio programs aired on partnered radio stations in different cities while you get to partake in our monthly envío hangouts for you and any of your chosen friend.  

envío hangout is an outdoor social networking event that rewards active promoters with Funtime with other promoters for a movie at the cinema, buffet at choice restaurants, comedy shows, charity outreach, etc 





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