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Invest in the intra state public transport system.

Have you noticed the growing trend in rural to urban migration in many cities in Nigeria? More people are now trooping into the cities in search for a better economic opportunity.

This migration trend has put a lot of pressure on the already fragile public transportation system in most cities in Nigeria.

According to the report from Nigerian Bureau of statistics, out of the 11,653,871 million vehicles, commercial vehicles are 6,768,756, representing about 58.08 per cent.

In 2020, we target to attract private sector funding to increase the fleet size by 30,000 vehicles offering safe mobility for millions of Nigerians who depend on the public transport system to get to their destination in different cities while completely assuring investors of a insured return on investment.

Feel free to choose any of the investment opportunities that exist in different cities in Nigeria.

Mini Bus shuttle service in Lagos.

Vehicle type: Mini Buses

Brand of vehicle: Suzuki

Investment capital: N1,100,000

Investment capital package: Purchase of vehicle, License Plate registration and renewal, Comprehensive insurance (2 years), Vehicle tracking service, Transport union and local government registration.

Hire purchase value: N1,650,000

Return on investment: N550,000

Investment tenure: 23 months

Monthly earnings: N72,000 (every 1stFriday of the the month)

Default rate: Very low

Insurance partners: Allianz Insurance

Please note that investment only counts after 30 days.

envio spare parts investment programme.

As part of our vision for safe mobility in Nigeria, envío feels obliged to help drivers on Uber & Bolt gain access to support funding to buy genuine spare parts while they payback later. Sign up for the envío spare parts investment programme and get 30% return on investment in 12 months. 

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