Public transport management.

Public transportation accounts for 50% of the mobility needs of people in many cities in Nigeria.

Despite the deficiency experienced with the accessibility of enough vehicles to meet the huge demand for this means of mobility, investors have been skeptical about making investment commitments in this sector.

Recognizing the importance of the public transport sector, envio is partnering with the local taxi unions in each city with the vision of inspiring a new experience to attract investor participation and better welfare for drivers.

Features of our service pack to investors include;

  1. Safety of the vehicle with an option for investors to view the realtime location of their vehicles and access to useful analytical reports of the vehicle’s historical data.
  2. Rental payment processing from the drivers.
  3. Reminders for vehicle licenses and insurance renewals.
  4. Access to the envio support network of professional mechanics and technicians.
  5. Vehicle recovery services when a driver defaults in payment.

Choose from the various opportunities available in the public transport sector in different cities to sign up.

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