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Our mission is to connect you to inspected vehicles listed for lease in your city.

The envío community supports vehicles for corporate, commercial, private and event lease plans.

Basic terms you need to know about the various lease plans include;

  • Before you can have access to the online vehicle rental community as a driver, you will need to provide us with a guarantor and a valid driver’s license for verification.
  • Users signing up for commercial, corporate and private rentals will be responsible for maintenance and repairs on the suspension system of the vehicle (shock absorbers, tyroids, stabilizer linkage etc).
  • The rental fees advertised for each car are set at the discretion of the vehicle owner. Take your time to search for the best deal that soothes your budget.
  • Users are expected to pay the rental fees in advance with a refundable 20% of the rental fee as a caution fee before the vehicle is reserved. 
  • As soon as the rental payment is paid, your details will be sent to the vehicle owner for a meetup and vehicle exchange.
  • Vehicle exchange is expected to be completed within 2 business days.

Are you registering on behalf of your organization? Indicate when filling the form and we would send the terms to complete your registration.

Successfully verified drivers will be given a username and password to the online vehicle rental community to start your search for your dream car. 


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