Drive your hustle.
Support plan for small busineses.

Our manifesto.

Somewhere, a good trader is having a bad time with business. The need for regular home delivery and logistics is overwhelming, yet the prices of vehicles are high and profit is constantly squandered on reoccurring transport fares which are increasingly expensive as the recession intensifies. This trader or entrepreneur may be you or someone else somewhere in need of a permanent means of mobility to move their business.

At Envio “Drive Your Hustle” program, we create a permanent solution to the mobility needs of your business by giving you access to a car loan with an initial deposit of a N100,000 while you pay back the balance over time.

You will also enjoy advantages like:

  • Introduction to our growing network of mechanics, technicians and spare part dealers to help you maintain the vehicle throughout your pay back tenure.
  • Access to spare parts and support funds to buy the right spare parts.
  • Access to our fleet management service which monitors fuel and the activities of our field officers
  • A discounted oil change and monthly inspection at specific total filling stations.

This service is currently active, fill the form below to help us understand your business needs and we will be glad offer a solution that soothes your business.