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Sponsor a vehicle and earn monthly.

Many cities in Nigeria are saddled with the surge effect of the rural to urban migration that has put a lot of pressure on the existing public transport infrastructure.

Our crowdfunding programme is designed to aggregate sponsorship for the purchase of vehicles that will be used to influence the public transport system in more cities in Nigeria. Sponsored vehicles will be offered to qualified drivers (on hire purchase) who are willing to use these vehicles to help more people get to their destination safely.

Type of vehicle: Toyota Corolla 2005 model.


Monthly Repayment Model;

Investment block value: N100,000 per unit.

Return on sponsorship:16.5% per annum.

Earning window: Monthly

Tenure: 1 year

Monthly earnings: N9,708


Biannual Repayment Model;

Investment block value: N500,000

Return on sponsorship: 38%

Earning window: Biannually

Tenure:1 year

Biannual earnings: N345,000

Investors can sponsor as many units as possible.

All investment repayments include capital + intrest.


Each investment contributes to the following;

  • Purchase of a Toyota Corolla 2005 vehicle.
  • New tires.
  • New Battery.
  • License plate Number and renewals for 2 years.
  • Comprehensive insurance for 2 years.
  • A new smartphone for the driver.

envio provides professional support to all drivers while ensuring investors enjoy uninterrupted monthly earnings spread across the investment tenure.


Why you should sponsor a vehicle.

  • Sponsoring a vehicle is a better way to invest in the public transport system and earn extra income monthly.
  • More jobs will be created for qualified drivers in each city.
  • People who depend on the public transport system can now get to their destination safely.


How to get started. 

  • Complete the form below with your details and bank information for your repayment.
  • Click on the “sponsor” tab and you will be directed to the paystack payment page to complete your payment for the number of blocks you will prefer to sponsor.
  • After payment is successful, you will get a call from the envio finance team within 48 hours confirming your sponsorship.
  • An electronic copy of a signed agreement will be sent to you via your registered email. You will be expected to sign, scan and send back to us.
  • Your first investment earnings start from the 10thweek from the day of payment.
  • Payment is on every 1stThursday of a new month.


Investment Insurance.

  • envio uses the proficiency of satellite tracking and billing technology to ensure the real-time monitoring of the activities of each vehicle on the fleet while seamlessly collect rental payments from the drivers.
  • envio provides spare parts to support funding to drivers to allow them have access to funds to purchase genuine spare parts while they payback later.
  • All vehicles are comprehensively insured with Axa Mansard.

Please read through the investment terms and condition before proceeding to sponsor.     Click

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