Welcome to envio.

We are ready to support community funding participation to change the public transport experience in Nigeria. Choose from any of the projects listed below and sponsor to get involved.

Public transportation accounts for the highest mobility traffic in many cities in Nigeria. We are inspiring community participation to help make public transportation safe and accessible for millions of people who depend on the public transport system to get to their destination safely.

Be part of our campaign to make public transportation safer and accessible in many cities in Nigeria. With as little as N100,000 per unit, you are guaranteed 25% return on your investment with a quarterly payout (capital + profit) paid into your account for a 12 months’ tenure.

Proceeds raised from your sponsorship will be used to buy vehicles to change the dilapidated vehicles currently used for public transportation in many cities in Nigeria.

In addition, your sponsorship will help support our goal for a safer public transport system by;

  • Recruit, train drivers and verify their guarantors before they are on boarded to drive vehicles on our fleet on hire purchase.
  • Keep an up to date database of all drivers providing public transport service in each state.
  • Monitor the real-time activities of each vehicle used for public transportation in each city.
  • Provide funding support for drivers to get genuine spare parts while they payback later.
  • Ensure people who depend on public transportation get to their destination safe.
  • Process rental payments from the drivers using the envio billing technology and ensure sponsors get their investment rewards timely.


Steps to get started.


  • Read through the terms of sponsorship.
  • Click the “sponsor tab”. You will be directed to the paystack payment link.
  • Fill the form on the paystack link, choose how many units you will like to sponsor and then proceed to make payment using your debt card.
  • An investment advisor will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your sponsorship and likewise dispatch your investment certificate to you via email.

Please note that your sponsorship will be used to fund the purchase of vehicles and manage the operations of each driver under a hire purchase plan while you earn your return on investment every quather.

All vehicles will be insured by Allianz Insurance Plc.

If you have challenges with proceeding with your sponsorship, kindly call or send us a whatsapp message on 07068404052

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