Get a FREE envioBOx
for your taxi business.

In Nigeria, 80% of the population depends on the deficient public transport system to get to their destination daily.

This deficient system has attracted hoodlums who take advantage to lure unsuspecting passengers into their nefarious criminal intentions.

We are helping investors with Interest In the public transport system in Nigeria earn good returns on their investment when they buy and offer the appropriate vehicles required for the various models of public transportation in each city.

Tell us more about your investment in public transportation and we would be most delighted to support you with a FREE envioBOx; a hybrid satellite technology that automates management services and likewise process rental payments from your vehicle from a driver renting your vehicle.

What service comes with the envioBOx

  1. Real-time tracking information of the activities of the vehicle.
  2. Process weekly rental payments from the driver seamlessly on your behalf via the envio billing gateway.
  3. Get notifications when the vehicle engine is stressed.
  4. envio provides a 24/7 telephone support centre which connects drivers with mechanical and technical challenges to verified mechanics and technicians in the city for assistance.
  5. Monitor to ensure drivers visit the various registered support centres for monthly inspection, mechanical and technical maintenance services.
  6. Get notified when drivers drive out of the city unauthorized.
  7. Access to useful analytical reports like; Over speed report, idling report, mileage report, and historical playback on the movement of the vehicle in the last 120 days.
  8. envio provide vehicle recovery services from defaulting drivers. (Paid service)

Other information you need to know;

  1. envioBOx is FREE.
  2. envio charges 15% as platform commission on rental fees processed by envio billing gateway.
  3. If you already have your driver perfect.
    However, envio can connect you with verified drivers for a fee.

Sign up and a customer support officer will contact you and help you schedule your vehicle for activation with the envioBOx after which get listed on our rental platform; the garage.