The health of your vehicle is prime.


Keeping the vehicle in the best fit is key to keep the cash flow steady.

Depending on the rental model, we recommend vehicle owners nominate a mechanic workshop for their vehicles. 

Your nominated mechanic workshop becomes your support center.

This is ways the envío technology platform ensures the management of your car is taking care of; 

  1. Every month, the driver renting your vehicle is expected to visit your support center for the regular monthly maintenance services and inspections. 
  2. Drivers have access to our support lines 24/7 during roadside emergencies while envío instantly connects the driver to professional mechanics and technicians within the closest proximity. 
  3. envío also offers a soft loan opportunity for drivers to pay for spare-parts or maintenance services to reduce downtime. 

If you have other options that will help us improve our maintenance services mechanism, we would be delighted to learn from it. 

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